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VSU mobile app attempts to connect campus

VSU has recently updated its own app.  It now shows resources  that are more accessible to students.

Features include, a campus map, a bus transit map and a direct link to pages such as the dining page.

One of the newest features is the campus community feed which is like Valdosta State’s very own twitter feed.  There are six categories of channels on the student community feed that students can post. Channels include buy and sell, lost and found, housing, news, ride sharing, and sports news.

One of the new features on the VSU mobile app is the community channels.

These channels are essential to the average campus student. If you have questions about anything, whether that may be about where you go to get a new one-card, to if anyone knows what textbook you need for a psychology course, by using the app, many students are willing to answer and give feedback quickly.

The student feed has also been great for VSU’s developing entrepreneurs. From aspiring hair stylists, to make-up artists and photographers. Students can promote their business by posting it into one of the channels.

Another feature is the “My Course” which shows all you all of your courses, when they are, and where. This part of the feature also shows announcements, assignments, and the grades you have received.

Kamille McLean, a freshman majoring in psychology said that the app is better organized than what it was before.

“It’s definitely better than the old app,” Said McLean. “Especially because there’s a favorite section so you can add what you want most quickly accessible. The app is more organized. They [the developers] thought of what the students would need when they first open the app. The student feed is nice, it makes it [the app] feel more community style.”

There does happen to be a few things that seem to be unnecessary on the app. Sections like “My Activities” and “My Groups” seem to be barely used or just not used at all. This indicates that these parts can be replaced with more useful things.

Some students have noticed some more flaws within the app.

The home page of the VSU app includes student resources.

Joan Gachuki, a freshman majoring in communications sciences and disorders said that although the app helps him stay up to date on announcements from his classes there are some things about the app that are annoying.

“Honestly, I think the VSU app is really helpful in some parts, to an extreme,” Gachuki said. “For example, I really enjoy the part where I can see my courses and my schedule. I don’t like the fact that you can’t mute the feed, so you’re constantly getting post notifications and I do wish they had a way that we could add money into our flex accounts or even just our meal plans. I have to go online to figure out what there is before I switch it, I can’t just do it on the app.”

Hadssah Lewis, a sophomore majoring in nursing  said that some things on the older version were more convinient than some things on the newer version.

“I feel like it’s convenient in less ways than the old app was.” Lewis said. “I can’t get to banner anymore or flex to put [money] onto my account anymore and it drives me crazy because that was the main thing I did on the other app. It’s a five out of 10 for me. If I could change something about the app, I’d take away the whole student section.”

As technology becomes more and more convenient in our lives there are still some technological disadvantages. Now the question emerges will we ever go back to a world that isn’t so technology dependent?

Written by Jasmin Small, Staff Writer. Photo Courtesy of  the VSU App. 

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