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Kaitlyn Baich served on the staff for three academic years.

Saying Goodbye: Kaitlyn Baich

May 9, 2020 is a day I didn’t think I’d make it to. My first few semesters of college were not the easiest for me, but there are a few reasons I made it. One of those reasons I survived is The Spectator.

Let’s rewind now, I came into college as a non-journalism major. I knew I wanted to do something that would help people, but I wasn’t very passionate about my original major. I decided in the summer of 2017 that I would change my major to English with a concentration in journalism.

Upon changing my major, I met Dr. Pat Miller and Dr. Ted Geltner. I was also surrounded by upperclassmen who were so passionate about the major and I felt something fuel inside of me. I soon learned that the work a journalist does would not be easy because we are the voice for the speechless, I was thevoice.

I had no idea what my voice was, I didn’t know what I could do with me voice. I found it though. I, soon, found myself talking about everything and anything journalism, searching for story ideas, and The Spectator. Whether it was talking about something funny that happened in the office or constantly talking about The Spectator in general, people knew what I was going to say.

Every class I took, I wanted to succeed. Every person I met, I wanted to know their story. That is all thanks to The Spectator.  The Spectator gave me my voice and my excitement to succeed. Of course, there are other reasons to succeed that I had but The Spectator really pushed me to be the best version of myself.

I’ve made lifelong friends, memories, and skills that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We’ve bonded over classes, SpecTalk, distribution days, and the long nights in the office. I will never forget my time at The Spectator.

So, to my fellow seniors, Kyle, Malia, and Gerald, thank you for being your own individual selves and getting to May 9 with me.

To the editorial staff, Lenah, Kayla, Isabella, Bethany and Gracie, you all inspired me to be myself and succeed in everything I do. I saw every single one of you make the best of any circumstance thrown your way and I know you will lead our staff to greatness.

To Payton, you inspired knowledge and excitement every Wednesday night and I am unbelievably happy that my final year as an editor that you were our leader.

To Prince, you have dreamed of the editor-in-chief position since before I met you. I know you will lead the staff to greatness and success.

To The Spectator as a whole, my memories will last a lifetime and so will this paper. Continue to build the voice of students and know The Spectator has a supporter for life. Thank you for never holding back and inspiring me to be the best version of myself.

I was given my passion in life because I chose Valdosta State University, but that passion was fueled by The Spectator.

Written by Kaitlyn Baich for the last time, Web Editor. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Baich.


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