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City of Valdosta Mandates face coverings in public

On Aug. 27, the City of Valdosta released an ordinance that requires all residents to wear face coverings in public areas where it’s hard to maintain social distancing of 6-feet. This new ordinance followed Gov. Brian Kemp’s Executive Order which was released on Aug. 15 and allows local governments to issue face covering requirements.

Valdosta businesses are not required to follow the ordinance. However, the ordinance states that businesses that don’t follow the mandate are required to post a clearly legible sign at the entrances letting prospect customers know that face masks aren’t used on the property.

Anyone who does not follow the new mandate will receive a warning in their first offense and then a $50 citation after the second offense.

Although the new ordinance will encourage Valdosta residents to use face masks out in public areas, Gov. Kemp’s Executive Order will expire Aug. 31 at 11:59 p.m. which means Valdosta’s new order will end the same day, in less Gov. Kemp extends his Executive Order.

The new mandate of face coverings comes at a time when Lowndes county has 3,438 COVID-19 cases and 64 total deaths as of Aug. 28, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

For more information about the new mandate visit Valdostacity.com.

Written by Lenah Allen, Editor-in-Chief. Photo Courtesy of Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

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