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Best TikTok trends for August & September 2020

The video-creating app, TikTok, is one of the most prominent social media platforms, especially among college students. Gen Z is the main audience for the app and makes up a large portion of the users. The app has grown exponentially this year because of boredom from COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. TikTok gave people a creative outlet during this time.

However, the app is currently at risk of being banned in the U.S. due to security and privacy issues. Users have been making the most out of the remainder of their time on the app before it is possibly shut down.

The app has periods of popular trends circulating through everyone’s “for you page.” The trends range from memes, to dances, to complicated transitions and many other things in between.

Here is a recap of some of the biggest trends in August and September:

The current craze on the app is surrounding the new iOS 14 update from Apple. People are updating their phones with the new additions from the software update and designing their home screens to make them look aesthetically pleasing. Users screen record their page layouts to show what they look like and share tutorials on how they did it.

The song “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is a major hit on TikTok, and user Brian Esperon (@besperon) created a dance to go with the song. The dance has provocative moves, which match the tone of the explicit lyrics. Many people on TikTok have attempted the dance routine, making it a widespread challenge.

The song is so big on TikTok that not only is it popular for the dance, but another trend consists of users creating mashups of “WAP” paired with a variety of songs from different genres. One of the most popular remixes is currently “WAP” merged with Rhianna’s “S&M,” among others.

The show “Euphoria” has also blown up on the app recently, despite being released in the summer of 2019. Creators make transition videos mimicking makeup looks inspired by the show.

Another transition fad essentially focuses on girls transitioning from being all-natural and wearing casual loungewear, to full glam with formal attire by the drop of a high heel while kicking their leg to the song “Hugh Hefner” by ppcocaine. This trend went viral, resulting in multiple remakes of the same transition concept, but with different songs.

The “Ben 10” meme was also extremely popular. Users put a spin on the theme used in the TV series “Ben 10,” in which they pretend to use a watch to transform into a different person or version of themselves.

People have also adopted the saying “It’s the ______ for me” from the TikTok trend where people make fun of friends, family, or significant others by pointing out something negative about them.

TikTok trends come and go quickly. There’s always a new viral dance or song that catches everyone’s attention and makes up the majority of users’ “for you page.”

Story written by Camille Ham. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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