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A big inflatable spider is perched on the top floor of the Student Union ready to scare students.

Photos: Halloween at VSU

Despite COVID-19, VSU still puts decorations around campus to put everyone in a Halloween festive mood.

Many resident assistants decorated the residence halls around campus.

“I live on campus,” Cavannaugh said. “I like my RA’s decorations”

A creepy mannequin is also standing in the entrance of the Student Union with a mask on to not only promote Halloween but also public health.

“She looks like a decoration that is supposed to jump,” Jasmine Thomas, a freshman jazz major, said. “I go in a full circle around her.”

“The witch is a nice touch,” Myles Johnson, a junior music education major, said. “It reminds me of ‘Terror in the Wild.’”

Hayden Cochran, a junior art major, said, “I like all the decorations around the stairs, especially the witch.”

A stairway entrance in Hopper Hall decorated by RA Kaynal Davis to get residents in a spooky mood.

More decorations put up by Davis.

Halloween is still a favorite time of the year for some college students so it’s nice to see VSU still putting on a show of decorations for it’s students.

Story written by Bailey Storey. Photo courtesy of Bailey Storey.

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