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VSU extends withdrawal period due to COVID-19

Students get a breather this semester as the VSU Faculty Senate has decided to give them extra time to withdraw from any classes.

The withdrawal date for fall 2020 has been extended from Oct. 15 until Nov. 12, according to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services, Sharon Gravett.

Gravett sent out an email to faculty, students and staff on Oct. 13 notifying VSU of the new information. The reason behind the extension is to help students with the disruption caused by the pandemic.

“They (VSU) have helped a lot with adjusting to COVID this semester,” Briana Rush, a junior nursing major, said. “I’m not surprised they did this. It would’ve been messed up if they didn’t.”

This extension should provide additional time for students to consult with their professors and advisors before opting to withdraw from classes this semester.

“This gives students more time to consult with their advisers,” Gravett said. “If they are concerned about any classes, they should consult their advisers because the main thing is to go ahead and make that decision. The clock is still ticking.”

In addition to the extended withdrawal dates, all withdrawals this term will not be counted against the traditional five withdrawal limit, according the VSU website under “Withdrawal Policy.”

“Students don’t have to be worried about being penalized,” Gravett said.

Unfortunately, all bets are off when talking finances.

“Students still have to pay for those classes they withdraw from,” said Gravett. “The classes still appear on their transcript as ‘attempted’.”

Some students feel that this is, in fact, not a breather at all.

“I mean, I guess it’s nice they’re doing that,” Deveone Quinn, a junior education major, said. “But my problems aren’t just with classes. There’s no point in doing all this if we still have to pay.”

After the extension deadline, students will no longer be able to withdraw from classes without being penalized. Withdrawals will then be credited on transcripts as “WF” referring to “Withdrawal Fail.”

Story written by Kayla Pool, News and Managing Editor. Photo courtesy of VSU Spectator .

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