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Photos: Math Media reigns victorious in Triviarama event

On Aug. 25, Odum Library hosted Triviarama, a trivia game that tests students’ knowledge on the library.


Students played in teams of four. If students did not have a team, they were able to group with others.

Once the groups were formed and a team name was made, groups set off with a time limit to complete the game.

Team “Math Media” started off with the Mystery Molecules section of Trivirama. Two other teams, the Dragons and Team Avatar, started off with Language and Literature.

The Dragons moved quickly to the Library Scavenger portion of the game. They had to look for the Akins family portrait and what they used to drink on the farm.

However, Team Avatar had a bit of trouble trying to find the portrait. This meant The Dragons were able to catch up with them as they both searched for it.


Another team, Poetic Justice, started with the Library Scavenger looking for the celestial system.

Math Media had trouble finding the answer to the dimensions of a canvas by Ross Rosenberg. To make up for lost time, teammate Bryan Hall produced over 100 words from the word scramble to earn more points.

The Dragons quickly moved to the third floor to finish the word games and the mystery molecules.


Team Avatar was the first to find the answer to a question about President Zaccari’s portrait.


The Dragons was the first team to finish all questions. It took them a total of 57 minutes.

Team Avatar and Poetic Justice made it to the finish next. Math Media the last team to make it back.

Despite coming last in time, Math Media won the competition due to an influx in competition points, earning the Triviarama Llama.

Odum Library staff called the night a success. They want to host more events like Triviarama to get students involved with each other and the campus.

Written by Jaleen Williams-Thomas, Spectator Reporter. Photos courtesy of Jaleen Williams-Thomas.

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