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People Poll: What did you do for Halloween?

The Halloween season has ended and the festivities have settled. This year is one of the first that have been celebrated face-to-face in 18 months. Nevertheless, the people have spoken and decided to make this the year that it goes out with a bang.

“I stayed in on Halloween Night and watched movies and ate food with my roommate,” Leah Ray, a sophomore nursing major, said.

“I hung out at my house and watched a movie,” Sarah Donohoo, a junior business management major, said.

“I ate candy and watched movies with a friend,” Zyaria Atalya, a sophomore psychology major, said.

“We [Venessa and her boyfriend, Alex] stayed in and passed out candy and carved pumpkins,” Venessa Mason, a sophomore criminal justice major, said.

Story by Alexys Rawlings, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Alexys Rawlings.

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