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CAB – Hot Ones Event

The Campus Activity Board (CAB) held a “Hot Ones” trivia event in the Student Union Theater at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

This event was inspired by the YouTube channel “First We Feast” and their “Hot Ones” series where celebrities come and answers questions while trying hot wings with different sauces.

Pairs were chosen to complete three rounds of questions that corresponds to a category. The levels equated to a specific heat level of wing sauce where they had to eat a hot wing that corresponds to that level.

“I decided to make it a game to give VSU students a chance to compete in a trivia night,” said Nia Hackley, special events direct for CAB. “We’re testing it out.”

There were six trivia categories:

  • Face Your Ex (trivia about celebrity exes)
  • Spicy Sports (trivia all about sports)
  • Childhood Flame (trivia about children movies)
  • Match the Tattoo (matching the tattoo to the celebrity)
  • Reality Bites (trivia about reality TV)
  • Blazin’ Hot History (trivia about VSU history)

Each category had five levels paired with the five hot wings sauces of varying Scoville Heat Units (SHU):

  • The 200-level category was paired with Yellowbird’s Blue Agave Siracha Sauce (1,325-2,650 SHU)
  • The 400-level category was paired with Yellowbird’s Ghost Pepper Condiment Sauce (23,435 SHU)
  • The 600-level category was paired with Yellowbird’s Habanero Condiment Sauce (54,530 SHU)
  • The 800-level category was paired with Elijah’s Xtreme’s Reaper Hot Sauce (350,000 SHU)
  • The 1000-level category was paired with Elijah’s Xtreme’s Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce (800,000 SHU)

The pairs were chosen randomly by spinning a wheel, then they would play rock paper scissors to choose who picked a category, level and tried the first wing. The first player to buzz in and answer the question correctly won the round. The winner chooses the next category until the three rounds passed.

Ten pairs competed, and the winners of each pair won bragging rights.

One of the competitors was Kirsten brown, a sophomore elementary education major, who tried the Ghost Pepper Sauce and Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce.

“The sauces were pretty hot,” She said. “I think the loser of the round should have eaten the hot nuggets instead of the person choosing the category.”

Brown thought that the questions were fun. She has previous experience with trivia, mainly black history and common knowledge.

This event will potentially become an annual event to test VSU student’s trivia skills.

Written by Angel Davis, Campus Life Assistant. Photos credit of Angel Davis.

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