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Freezing temperatures make for icy Christmas

Freezing is an understatement these days.


Valdosta has gotten some frosty weather this month, starting at a nice 55-60 degrees and dropping rapidly to 26 degrees and lower. 

According to WALB 10 News, this will be the coldest winter Lowndes County has seen in five years.


Staying inside and keeping warm is a huge priority. Layering up with some long sleeve shirts, jackets, coats, scarves, gloves, hats and anything else that can be used to cover up is a good idea right about now.


After spending all of five minutes in this weather, fingers start to freeze and suddenly the lotion you put on today was just not enough. There is currently a hard freeze warning in Valdosta and many other places. This means that temperatures are expected to drop below 28 degrees for an extended period.

Some people are not liking the temperatures. Others are embracing it.


This weather is just what the Christmas spirit needs. 


“I honestly have been enjoying the cold weather,” Erin Adair, a junior Mass Media major, said. “It’s nice to finally have a winter Christmas and not a summer Christmas. The only struggle when it gets super cold like today, Christmas Eve, is that I have to work in it. Working in it gets a little tough but with a good jacket and some gloves, it’s not so bad.”


This chilly weather is the perfect time to grab some hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas and a comfortable spot in front of the fireplace (or electric heater) while watching Christmas movies. We may not get snow, but it is definitely close.


Written by Nia Thompson, Staff Reporter. Photo courtesy of Bailey Storey, Photo Editor.

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