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The Mix makes space for school and local clubs

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, Valdosta State University hosted The Mix. The event provided organizations on campus with a place to exhibit their work, and served as a mass interest meeting for students hoping to get involved on campus.

The event was held in the University ballrooms, where dozens of organizations were given the space to set up booths, each boasting their own unique mission statements and activities around campus. Greek life, on-campus troupes, and organizations- both student and campus led- showed up to give students information regarding their work.

Many of these clubs focus on helping students throughout their college experience, as well as giving them the resources to pursue their passions as careers even after graduation.

 Members of Minorities In Nursing pose with their tri-fold.

“We’re big on community service and fundraising, we try to get minority nursing students to come in, and try to help them within the program and throughout life.” Maliyah Garcia, a senior nursing major and public relations director of Minorities In Nursing, said.

Students gathered near the Collegiate Women of VSU information table.

“Collegiate Women of VSU is an organization that is meant to reach young women in college and help them get involved with campus.” Tania Cole, a junior criminal justice major and head of public relations for Collegiate Women of VSU, said. “We focus a lot around community service, events, and fundraisers around Valdosta and around campus.”

“Our goal with Main Attraction is to combine that sisterhood, that scholarship, that community service, but also that… we here as women, we can express ourselves, not just by how we look, but also the content of our character.” Jada Garcia, a junior psychology major and dancer with Main Attraction, said.

During the event, there were opportunities for all of the different groups to talk about what they do both on and around campus. Most had a PowerPoint with all of the information relevant to their clubs, including previous years worth of community service or public outreach, and even internship opportunities.

Some, however, had other forms of showing what they do. Both the VSU K-Pop Dance Club and Main Attraction held dance performances, and some used videos to advertise their work. 

 VSU’s K-Pop Dance Club performing to the song “Shooting Star” by XG.

All clubs present have information located on their respective websites, and students looking to get active with campus organizations are encouraged to look into these groups.

VSU Dining provided food for participants as a way to promote the dining program.

Written by Bailey Wilson, Campus Life Editor. Photos courtesy of Bailey Wilson and Jasmine Hightower.

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