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SUCCESS leads VSU student cleanup

Students Uniting Change with Commitment through Empowering Strong Service (SUCCESS) mentors, are teaming up with other VSU organizations to clean up Valdosta. According to SUCCESS president Chealsea Warren, the idea came from one of SUCCESS’s members, Daughtry Melton. Melton originally presented his suggestion to the members of the group, who reached out to other organizations. “Everyone was so willing to ...

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Crisis management: how to stay calm

Hurricane Irma is still fresh in the minds of Floridians and Georgians alike. Natural disasters can rip through communities and destroy people’s livelihoods. When basic resources become limited, people begin to panic. Here are a few ways to keep a cool head when the unfortunate aspects of life hit us head on. Have patience Whether it’s waiting in line for ...

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How to pass that class

Failing a course isn’t the end of the world, we’ve all been there some way or another. Whether it was from partying too hard, or dedicating more time to the clubs than to the books, it’s not too hard to fall off the band wagon from time to time. Good grades are hard to come by, especially if you’re an ...

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Tips to prevent car break-ins

Reports have been coming in to the VSU police department about break-ins to cars on campus. According to their crime rate statistics, on-campus burglaries occurred 51 times per year. According to the on-campus burglary rates, that number has risen over the years. Luckily, precautions can be put into place to discourage burglars from future break-ins. Place all valuables in the ...

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The Spectator’s September flick picks

As October approaches, horror movies are hitting movie theaters across the U.S. Here are The Spectator’s most anticipated. IT The remake of the original 1990 book to film adaptation, “IT,” looks very different from anything movie watchers have seen before. Children begin disappearing in Derry, Maine, and no one is brave enough to figure out why. A group of young kids come together to put an end to the clown Pennywise’s terror. This ...

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Student Judicial Council looking for applicants

All VSU students received an email from student affairs soliciting an application for a spot on the Student Judicial Council on Wednesday night. The Judicial Council is a mandated group of students who are appointed by current members of the council and the Assistant Dean of Students, Sherolyn Hopkins. The council is composed of 11 students who represent the voice ...

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Don’t ‘weight’ to try these fitness classes

Zumba Everyone’s initial assumption about Zumba is that it requires a minimal amount of energy. But it’s not easier than most workouts. Although Zumba was created to make working out more fun for participants, that doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat. According to the Zumba website, the classes are set up to combine all elements of fitness such as cardio, ...

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VSU o-fish-ally has a sushi bar

Long gone are the days of single line cafeteria dining with the limited option of a bagged lunch or meal of the day. VSU offers more than six dining options to students and staff in Palms Dining Hall. The new sushi bar addition is catching the eyes of many students. “Student feedback consistently indicated sushi as a desired food option ...

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Students can spot ‘Happy Period’ on campus

Happy Period is an organization that provides and receives donations to help women in need of feminine products.  The chapter was originally founded in California by Chelsea VonChaz. VonChaz first got the idea to do something about this issue when she passed a homeless woman on the street. She had on bloody undergarments and was clearly menstruating. VonChaz went to a ...

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Erin’s food corner

Restaurant Style Cilantro Lime Beans  If you know me, then you know Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines. The different textures and flavor of the food always takes my taste buds to another level. Though fajitas, burritos and tacos are a few of my favorites, this side item takes the spotlight now and again. Beans with Mexican food ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!