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VSU community targeted by phishing attempts

Don’t get caught on the end of this phishing hook! Recently, VSU students have received a third notice regarding phishing attempts in their student email accounts. Phishing emails are attacks used to steal user data, login credentials, and credit card numbers. The attackers usually disguise themselves with deceptive email accounts that resemble a business or someone that you know and ...

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SGA preps for Saturday’s game, discusses IT updates

With Election Day on Tuesday and the Battle of the Peach Basket on Saturday, students are in for an eventful week here on campus. SGA, along with The Fire Pit, is encouraging all students to attend VSU’s biggest game this season as the Blazers face off against rival West Georgia. The two undefeated squads are playing for the Gulf South ...

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VSU IT introduces second internet network

VSU experienced the loss of Wi-Fi twice within the month of September. Now, Chief Information Officer Brian Haugabrook said that IT will be prepared in the face of another. “Unfortunately every year or so a fiber line will get cut between here and Atlanta,” Haugabrook said. “This time it happened just South of Tifton.” Haugabrook said VSU added a second ...

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The Spectator’s September flick picks

As October approaches, horror movies are hitting movie theaters across the U.S. Here are The Spectator’s most anticipated. IT The remake of the original 1990 book to film adaptation, “IT,” looks very different from anything movie watchers have seen before. Children begin disappearing in Derry, Maine, and no one is brave enough to figure out why. A group of young kids come together to put an end to the clown Pennywise’s terror. This ...

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VSU gives Pine Hall a face lift

Several divisions of the VSU Internet Technology (IT) department, including technical support, are relocating. They’ll move for a short period of time while VSU renovates their home, Pine Hall. Located south of the Student Union along Oak Street, Pine Hall’s first renovations began on June 12 of this year. VSU expects the renovations to last throughout the rest of the ...

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VSU IT department says ‘no’ to phishing

Written by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor In recent years phishing has become a big trend among hackers and scammers, but VSU Chief Information Security Officer Gary Miller and the Information Technology department have the students covered. According to its definition, phishing is the fraudulent sending of emails purporting to be from reputable companies to get people to reveal their personal ...

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