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Phishers attempt to hook students through their VSU email accounts.

VSU community targeted by phishing attempts

Don’t get caught on the end of this phishing hook! Recently, VSU students have received a third notice regarding phishing attempts in their student email accounts.

Phishing emails are attacks used to steal user data, login credentials, and credit card numbers. The attackers usually disguise themselves with deceptive email accounts that resemble a business or someone that you know and trust.

Many students are wondering how the attackers are obtaining their email information. According to Josh Fruhlinger, who is a writer for CSOOnline (a website that keeps readers informed about criminal cyberattacks), there is a phishing kit that makes it easy for “cyber criminals, even those with minimal technical skills, to launch phishing campaigns.”

“A phishing kit bundles phishing website resources and tools that need only be installed on a server,” Fruhlinger said. “Once installed, all the attacker needs to do is send out emails to potential victims. Phishing kits as well as mailing lists are available on the dark web.

Anatomy of a Phishing Kit by Josh Fruhlinger

If you notice messages that threaten to shut down your account, request personal information, use terms on the subject line like “urgent” or “open immediately,” poor writing and bad grammar or request you to purchase $500 gift cards, then it is most likely a phishing account.

VSU’s IT team has given tips on avoiding phishing attacks. These tips include checking email addresses by hovering your mouse over the name of the sender, being cautious of email banners that states that the message was “Delivered From External Sender”, avoiding clicking on suspicious links or attachments, and manually typing in address in the address bar.  You can also contact Valdosta State IT for more information.

Make sure to be on the lookout for these phishing accounts and take all of the proper precautions.

Written by Breannia Stillwell, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of The Spectator.

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