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Top five unlikely holiday movies

What are the criteria for a holiday film? Should the storyline have a happy ending? Should it make you cry? Or should the only requirement be that as soon as you are done watching, you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Since the holiday season seems to come sooner and sooner every year, by the time Christmas actually arrives most people can admit that they have had their fill with the Christmas spirit.  Just in case you find yourself needing a reason to get back in the season, here is a list of five unlikely holiday films sure to give you a break from the all-day marathon of A Christmas Story.
1.    28 Days Later.

The characters use Christmas lights as a sign of safety from the rage-infested zombies. Besides, who doesn’t want to see gory death scenes right after mom’s green bean casserole?

2.    Alien.
This is a bit of a stretch, but the crew is looking out for each other and it gives a new meaning to looking after your fellow man, an aspect of the holiday spirit.

3.    Jeux d’enfants or Love Me if You Dare.
An odd French film about two childhood friends who try to one-up each other’s dares. Each dare gets more and more dangerous, but the movie is filled with love and it might even leave that warm and fuzzy feeling you are looking for from holiday films.
4.    Black Christmas.
This slasher film was, ironically, directed by the director of the ultimate Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.

5.    Requiem for a Dream.
If you can’t stand the family by the 24th of December, this movie is sure to make you think it could be so much worse.
During the holidays it’s not hard to find holiday cheer in anything and everything, but hopefully this list will give you a break from the wrapping and carol singing. Happy Holidays.

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