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Where is your money going?

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by Jamel Shorter, Staff Writer

When a budget is discussed there is a team of people known as the budget committee.  The budget committee is given the task to present an overview of what the majority of the funds for the fiscal year will be allocated towards. Valdosta State University is financially supported by the state and the tuition from the students. The budget also includes salaries for faculty and staff, development/travel, operating expenses as well as equipment. Other salaries include student assistants, adjunct faculty and temporary employment. Operating expenses include that of printing, office supplies, consulting services and telephone charges. The equipment portion includes furniture, automobiles, etc. Every category is budgeted under certain departmental codes aligned with the structure of the university. The Education and General Funds (E&G) is the largest source of funding for VSU.

The budget request has to be composed by the president of the university and then presented to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. The Vice President of Finance and Administration assists with the preparation of the budget and is also in control of budget operations.

Creating and developing the budget is an intricate process that takes numerous approvals. The budget for the 2016 Fiscal Year will be created and under the presidency of Interim President Dr. Cecil Staton and will take place starting September 11, 2015. For a full schedule of dates and information regarding budgeting, visit HERE. All meetings are open to students, faculty and staff. All meetings start at 9:00 AM.

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