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Kingdom Hearts 2.9? So close, yet so far to Kingdom Hearts 3

"Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" brings monster collecting and 3-D to the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise. (Square Enix/MCT)

Written by Stella Henderson, Photo Editor

It’s been three years since The Kingdom Hearts franchise has released a new game and eight years for a non-hand held console.

With this year’s E3 event, Square Enix showed snippets of what was to come for Kingdom Hearts three and a mobile phone game, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained. At the Disney D23 expo in August, Square Enix announced that the world of Big Hero 6 will be added to the game.

But with all these announcements and new features that keep being added, when will the actual game be released? On social media outlets, an article was being shared about a new Kingdom Hearts game that would come out before the release of 3. What we know is that it is called Kingdom Hearts 2.9. Last year 2.9 was on the schedule for E3, but it was quickly removed. Square Enix will be holding a secret event at the Tokyo Game Show.

Will they be announcing this new game? Will they talk about Kingdom Hearts 3? Has 3 become so big that it has to be broken into two separate games? Whatever it is, I need to know and I need it now. Square Enix just take my money and give me a legitimate new Kingdom Hearts game.

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