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Spring Break savings

Written by Julie Jernigan, Asst. Copy Editor

Spring break doesn’t have to be expensive. With these helpful tips, you can save money without skipping the fun.

1. Skip the hotel and stay with friends or family

Avoid paying $100 or more on hotel costs by calling friends or family who live or have vacation homes in the area of your choice. Chances are there’s someone you could call and ask to crash for a couple of nights.

2. Skip restaurants for breakfast and lunch

Meal costs can be one of the most underestimated expenses. Lower your food costs by picking up groceries for breakfast, lunch and snack time to avoid costly meals at overcrowded, tourist restaurants, or see if your lodging offers continental breakfast.

3. Use your student I.D.

There are so many places you wouldn’t think take a student I.D. but do. If there’s not a sign, just ask, and you might save a couple of dollars.

4. Choose the road less traveled by

Stay away from tourist traps that are in the middle of everything because they tend to be the most expensive. Look at quaint bed and breakfasts that offer great group deals, or avoid it all together to camp out under the stars. Camping equipment tends to be pretty cheap, and if you stay in government-owned campsites (Recreation.gov), it’s even cheaper.

5. Rent a bike or bring your own

Cut costs on taxi rides and gas by cruising around your destination on a bike. It’s a good source of exercise, and it’ll help cut down on your carbon footprint

6. Use your phone to budget

Budgeting can be tough, but with the help from popular apps, such as Mint, Intuit’s personal budget app, it’s simple. It allows you to input the money you have to spend and helps keep you on track with your daily expenses. A little extra planning goes a long way.

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