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Fans get a decent buzz

Written by Kevin Paul, Asst. Entertainment Editor

Thundercat’s clarity presented itself in in his newest release, “DRUNK.”

“DRUNK” has 23 tracks, featuring contributions from R&B icons Flying Lotus and Kenny Loggins. Hip-hop artists Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa also offer their talents. The album plunges into the perspective of both sobriety and intoxication.

The album’s first quarter opens in a corridor of recollection with Thundercat speaking on a previous night’s events, opening with songs such as “Rabbot Ho” and “Captain Stupido,” submerging the listener into Thundercat’s wild night.

Using skills gained from performing with bands such as Young Jazz Giants and Suicidal Tendencies, Thundercat’s bass guitar shreds through tracks “Uh Uh” and “Bus In These Streets,” showing his potential has yet to peak. This is apparent throughout “DRUNK,” as each song uses effects ranging from ethereal sounds to high chiming strings. However, as Thundercat’s performance on each track has consistent quality, the repetition is also apparent.

Each song tends to run parallel into the upcoming track, with prime examples being “A Fan’s Mail” and “Lava Lamp,” both including a soft and seducing tone, yet only seeming to differ through lyricism.

When compared to Thundercat’s previous full length album, “Apocalypse,” “DRUNK” allows room for various artists to contribute to the project. The individual verses seem to fit its own position, whether executing its purpose, such as Kendrick Lamar on “Walk On By,” or oddly playing its role, such as Wiz Khalifa on “Drink Dat.”

Thundercat’s “DRUNK” presents a strong theme of viewing life through both intoxication and sobriety but dilutes itself throughout its ideas. All in all, “DRUNK” is an album worth diving into but offers shallow diversity.

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