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Student Spotlight: Mr.VSU has earned his title

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Managing Editor

Jordan Surat-Jones, a junior business management major, is better known as Mr. VSU around campus.

Surat-Jones has come a long way to get to VSU. He was originally born in Babylon, New York on Long Island, and his family now lives in Kennesaw.

The name Mr. VSU came about in what Surat-Jones describes as a funny story. In the fall, when Dr. Kelly Brown appointed him to a spirit and traditions committee, he explained to everyone the different things he is involved in around campus, and Dr. Brown deemed him Mr. VSU.

“I told some of my friends about it, and the name just stuck,” Surat-Jones said. “At first I didn’t like the name; in high school I was definitely not Mr. School spirit, but it grew on me.”

Attending most athletic events and promoting for multiple organizations, Surat-Jones maintains his role of Mr. VSU.

His involvement, which earned him his title, started his freshmen year with the Emerging Leaders Program and the ultimate Frisbee team. In the spring, he rushed and is now a brother, rush chairmen and Alumni Relations Correspondent of the Delta Chi Fraternity.

Additionally, Surat-Jones is an orientation leader for the school and a student assistant in the Office of Admissions. This year, he became a university ambassador and had a hand in the Fire Pit student section’s beginnings.

Surat-Jones’ girlfriend, senior Kayla Robles, said the name suits him.

“He represents what being a VSU Blazer is all about, and that’s being involved, passionate, and impactful,” Robles said.

Surat-Jones has spoken in front of hundreds of students at orientations, led chants and cheers at football and basketball games, starred in numerous VSU videos and even gave Dr. Carvajal his campus tour.

“I guess a good, memorable moment, if I had to narrow it down, would be leading the football team onto the field wearing the national championship ring at this year’s home playoff game,” Surat-Jones said.

Whenever Surat-Jones has time from attending various events at VSU, he likes to devote his free time to activities that are enjoyable and relaxing.

Surat-Jones likes to watch movies, listen to music and cook. He says he can spend hours lying in bed listening to different types of music and watching movies. Cooking has always been a relaxing part of free time for him. Whether it is a simple meal or cooking chicken parmesan, he always enjoys doing it.

Surat-Jones said he hopes people will want to follow in his footsteps, and that students at VSU need to work together to create an environment where everyone loves being a part of this school.

Surat-Jones explained VSU is on the right track because more students have become involved.

“This past year we’ve already seen a rise in attendance at athletic events, more participation during homecoming from various student organizations [and] philanthropic contributions have also increased,” Surat-Jones said.

Surat-Jones said he believes people see what he does as Mr. VSU, and they realize the potential they themselves have.

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