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“Redefined” an upcoming web series focused on VSU students

Written by Michaela Leung, Entertainment/Web Editor

We had a Q & A session with Quanesha Johnson, junior, mass media major about her upcoming web series “Redefined.”



ML: What is your series about?

QJ:  Overall, the series signifies the many occurrences we may experience while being college students. The series will follow the life of Journey Harris, a recent high school graduate, who has lived a rather sheltered lifestyle. Throughout the show, viewers will embark on a “journey,” as she adapts to college life. In a sense, Journey will become redefined by challenges, growth, and many other significant events.

ML:What inspired you to create this?

QJ: I wanted to create something that would bring the many talents of VSU’s student body together. I believe that although we all come from many different backgrounds, we are all here experiencing similar aspects of life. This is an opportunity for us all to come together and express our experiences at VSU through the life of Journey Also, I often feel that we, as a student body, do not give enough credit to talented students who have chosen not to join certain clubs or organizations. For anyone interested in being a part of this series, I want this to be a portfolio-builder and something fun to engage in without having to make a major commitment.

ML: Are you working on this yourself, or are you collaborating with someone?

QJ: Although I developed the concept of this series on my own, I understand that creative minds come together in order to make magic happen. I have a great team of people working with me to make this production a reality.

ML: Are you looking for a cast, crew or anything? If so, what are you looking for and how can those who are interested contact you?

QJ:  Yes! We are currently looking for anyone interested in doing camerawork, editing, acting or makeup and costume design. If interested, please contact me via email at qjohnson@valdosta.edu

ML: How has the process been going? Have you faced any struggles, how have you overcome them?

QJ: So far we’ve outlined scripts for the first 3 episodes and had our first interest meeting. The most challenging part of this process has really just been managing my time effectively and finalizing certain concepts. Luckily, my team has been staying on top of deadlines and recruiting eager individuals who are ready to bring redefined to VSU.

The end of each episode will be dedicated to VSU students telling personal stories that relate to the theme of the episode.

For more information you can get in touch with Johnson at qjohnson@valdosta.edu.

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