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Editorial: A Conglomerate not doing enough

Why does nobody care until it’s too late? The VSU SGA is asking that very question.

An evening questioning the VSU government administration led to the belief that students don’t consistently attend the weekly meetings in the Student Union. The student body will simply have to do better than this.

Each Student Government meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday in the Student Union meeting room. The meetings are open to the public.

There was a variety of questions regarding decisions made both by the SGA administration and the university administration in the April 10 meeting. Questions arose concerning decisions and conversations that took place in past meetings without the incorporation of the gallery’s opinions and ideals.

The problem lies in the fact that the gallery is typically less than 10 percent full and thus few opinions make their way to the administration.

The meeting Monday evening lasted hours and included a standing room only gallery of more than 50 attendees. The uncertainty in the diction of questions regarding the decisions made by the administration proves that the majority in attendance had not been consistently attending these meetings when such matters were discussed, debated and decided.

While it is true that SGA is the voice of the students, it is necessary for students to be at the meetings so you’re informed enough to voice your opinions. This is the only way the administration can adequately represent you. That is the purpose of having open meetings.

As college students it is vital for you to not only stand up for your opinions but to be passionate enough about them attend meetings that can make an immense difference to your experiences in the VSU community.

Use your voice. Show your passion. Push your representatives to do what is right. Stay informed, but most importantly be present at each and every student government meeting to ensure your voice is not lost in the wind.

Too often your voice is not heard. Guarantee your voice is heard in its truest form via Monday’s meeting.

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