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SGA Election results announced

Written by  Darla Dunning, Asst. Opinions Editor

With over 670 votes submitted, the Student Government announced its new and returning representatives for the next academic year.

Maya Mapp, a political science major, was elected as SGA President for a second year, as 500 students voted for Maya to remain president and 172 voted to abstain.

Mapp gave her input over the difficulties that came amid rumors of inner conflict.

“As SGA president, I can’t say that I was perfect in any way,” Mapp said. “I will remain transparent, honest and I will always be open to criticism and constructive input.”

Mapp also said she is extremely grateful to have one year under her belt to know what she is stepping into now and lead from a better position.

Sen. Asia Johnson beat current Vice President Adam Slaton for the vice president position by 52 votes.

Slaton said, looking inward, he did not reach enough people in order to have a higher number of votes.

“We were excited at the prospect of having a president and vice president that didn’t need to learn their roles and position but rather could hit the ground running next year,” Slaton said. “But, I’m confident Miss. Johnson will learn the position and execute it well.”

The secretary is Sylandi Brown with 523 votes, and the comptroller is Matthew Rowe with 477 votes.

The results were announced April 24 in an email sent to students, professors and faculty. In addition to the president, vice president, comptroller and secretary, 11 senators were elected.

“We have senators sitting on different committees,” Mapp said. “We have senators sitting on athletic committees, and we also have library committees.”

According to Mapp, they will have a strategic plan for the next academic year that includes three goals: represent, lead and unify. SGA will have common goals as well but are looking for ways to unify the student body around these common goals and adapt to what the student body needs.

“We will ask the students what they want, things that students truly care about, such as institutional fees and advising,” Mapp said.

Mapp said SGA had a growing year, and now they know how to elevate by serving on another level.

“That starts with leadership, and I know that we will do a better job next semester, and this is based on student participation and being engaged with the student body,” Mapp said.

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