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Mapp is a team player

SGA President Maya Mapp took the nation’s capital by storm this summer. Mapp worked as a press and scheduling intern for Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia.  

Mapp worked in Isakson’s Washington D.C. office for six weeks, working from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday.  

“I learned that nothing was beneath me, and I learned a lot about myself,” Mapp said. “I learned how to be a better person, and it was a really humbling experience.”  

Despite her schedule, Mapp still found the time to work with SGA senators on plans for campus.  

One of those plans was a pizza party at the beginning of the year. The purpose of the pizza party was to bring students, new and old alike, together to learn more about SGA.  

Mapp said this summer shined a light on the senate. She saw more independent work from senators and said she is excited for the changes to come.  

In the SGA elections last spring, many students abstained from voting for Mapp who ran unopposed. Mapp acknowledged that it concerned her at the time, but she went on to say: “You can’t change the past. What is written is written.”  

Mapp said she hopes to continue to be positive about this upcoming year while continuing to be honest and more transparent. A major point of emphasis coming into the new year is relying on her team, not a board, but a team.  

Mapp said she understands the importance of having a team of equal opinions. The communication between student government senators and the executive team is important, but the relationship between student government and administration is crucial.  

A year ago, Mapp was working with an interim leader. Now, Mapp is working with Dr. Richard Carvajal, who is going into his second semester as the campus president.  

“He has always been an open book,” Mapp said about working with Dr. Carvajal. “We just talk about students.” 

With the new year upon us, Mapp is focused and ready for her second term as the student leader of campus.  

“Everything was new to everybody [last year],” Mapp said. “Now we have the direction that we need.”

Written by Juston Lewis, Sports Editor.

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