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Student success series motivates students

On Tuesday October, 19 Valdosta State University’s African American Male Initiative presented The Student Success Series by Kalan Norris. He is a self proclaimed Millennial Motivator and VSU Alum.

This debut of the series highlighted many key points to manifest your dreams. Valuing your vision, improving your skill set, being involved on campus, and staying motivated were some topics discussed. Success Series is not only geared towards young men pursuing degrees, but also students in need of guidance and professional development in order to secure a great career.

Norris started motivational speaking after realizing that he sought someone to talk to that could relate to his story. Although he listened to online speakers not having a positive influence in life, he believed that if he felt this way someone else out there may have the exact same feeling.

In January 2015 Kalan Norris told his story for the first time. During this expereince he stayed true to his story and himself as a man.

“I wasn’t comfortable with this at first,” he said. “Being uncomfortable is a position you want to be in.”

Discomfort brought growth with motivational speaking and with students it is very effective. Eric D Thomas’ path and the amount of individuals he reaches plays a role in how Norris strives to be an impacting individual as well. The process and patience of being committed to your authentic vision is one of the biggest aspects of The Student Success Series.

Norris is striving to be a future #1 motivational speaker in the world. He stressed that if you want to do something in life your mindset must reflect it. “I got it!” is what he proclaimed during the debut series. He has taken the GRE 5x and his mindset if anything is still “I got it!” you just have to work for it and have your priorities in line.

“You will be what you will be,” he said.

The Student Success Series will continue every Tuesday on the 1st floor of Nevins until the concluding of the Semester.

Story and Photo by Eboni Register, Staff Writer.

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