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VSU students speak out on college struggles

Throughout September, VSU sent out a survey to all students, calling for them to “speak out” on their college experience.

The “Speak Out” survey asks questions about the living, financial and work situations that current students are going through.

Acting director of the Wisconsin HOPE lab, Jed Richardson, said the survey was sent to get a better grasp on what students are going through.

“We just want to better understand current college students and the challenges they are facing, as well as what institutions can do to help with the challenges these students are facing,” Richardson said.

Though some students were hesitant to take the survey, senior Ashley Butler was quick to see what it entailed.

“I thought the survey was pretty basic,” Butler said. “It did not involve much, and it took me maybe five minutes to complete.”

Richardson said he does not know when the survey will close, but a report based on its results will be sent out to all participating institutions for review.

Sophomore Kelsey Jacobs said she felt the survey could help everyone in the long run in and would help the university see the struggle of students.

“If everyone takes the survey, I feel like it could help VSU as a whole,” Jacobs said. “There could be a lot of change if people really say what they are going through to go to school.”

As an incentive for taking the survey, students are entered in a contest for a $100 prize that is only rewarded to one student. All entries will be invalid until the survey is completed.

The HOPE lab currently has 50 other institutions that are participating in the survey.

With change in store for students and a $100 prize, there’s something to be happy about for everyone.

Click here to be linked to the survey.

Written by Kaitlyn Baich, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Kayla Stroud.

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  1. I took the survey and can say it was an excellent survey which addressed many areas of struggle for students. I do think maybe a bit more questions on survey to address issues for on-line students would be helpful. Excellent questions asked in the survey to help students!

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