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Wild Adventures’ VSU night cancelled

VSU and Wild Adventures will not be hosting the annual Homecoming VSU Night this semester according to Robin Vickery, director of student life.

VSU Night has been a homecoming staple for several years, appearing in the VSU News homecoming calendar for the first time in 2012, though the event may go back further.

According to Vickery, complications with Wild Adventures staff and the homecoming date led to the cancellation. Vickery said that most of the staff members who had once worked with VSU to schedule the homecoming event were no longer employed by Wild Adventures.

In an email, Molly Deese, Wild Adventures’ vice president and general manager said that scheduling VSU Night after the park closes for Halloween “poses extra challenges” for the staff.

In 2015, VSU faced a similar problem. Though Homecoming week began on Nov. 9, students were still able to enjoy the park the week before on Nov. 6.

According to Deese, Wild Adventures closes its doors for the month of November after Halloween events end on Oct. 29. This year’s Homecoming week is Oct. 30 to Nov. 4 this year.

The cancellation comes after VSU announced homecoming week activities, which will now be amended. According to Vickery, the homecoming planning committee is looking to include a replacement activity, though no decisions have been confirmed.

“We’re working on something we hope students will enjoy,” Vickery said.

Deese said that Wild Adventures would be willing to extend a special $15 admission to students every Friday night from Sept. 29 to Oct. 27.  Pending VSU acceptance and announcement, tickets will be available at the park.

Written by Kelsey Dickerson, Editor-in-Chief. Photo courtesy of Alex Dunn, Campus Life editor.

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