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Students upset with cancellation of VSU night at Wild Adventures

For the past nine years, VSU held an event during homecoming week at Wild Adventures theme park called “VSU Night.” The park admitted free entrance to students on VSU night. This year, there is no special night.

However, the park is offering a $15 ticket price on Friday nights in October for students with a valid VSU ID. While this may be enticing, students, including myself, are not completely sold on this idea.

Musiteli Mubuso, a senior public relations major, thought the deal seemed unfair.

“I am not a fan of the $15 deal that has been proposed this year,” Mubuso said. “At the end of the day, that is $15 I have to pay compared to it being free. If I am getting it for free, I am going to prefer that compared to a price.”

Shay Kinsey, a freshman accounting major, thought $15 was high for college students.

“I think VSU should still be doing it because it sounds really fun for students,” Kinsey said. “Fifteen is a little expensive, though. As a college student, I would probably be willing to pay $10, but having affordable tickets for sale every Friday of October sounds like a good deal.”

Going to a theme park for free was exciting to students each year. They could experience what Wild Adventures had to offer without worrying about financial obligations. Most students won’t take advantage of the lower ticket price because they have other things they have to pay.

Robin Vickery, the director of Student Life, did confirm this was not VSU’s decision.

“Wild Adventures decided to cancel the event,” Kinsey said. “We always look forward to it as much as our students do. My understanding is that they have to close the park for a month.”

Is this to be expected again in the fall of 2018? I guess we have to wait another year to see if students are going to get a $15 deal or free admission for a night.

Story by Kaitlyn Baich, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Alex Dunn, Campus Life editor.

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