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Photo courtesy of IEMILLER.Net

Fashion trends on campus

It’s wintertime! That’s right folks; it’s time to bring out the puffer coats, the peacoats, the UGGS and Chelsea boots. With all of that being said, are you on trend with the recent winter trends occurring? As the world knows, fashion is ever evolving, what was in for the last 6 months, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be in for the next six months. So check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’m going through some of the recent trends that I find to be the most appeasing.

One of the biggest trends that seems to be reoccurring is the puffer coat, according to Urban Outfitters. The puffer coat is more than just a piece of outwear that makes you look like an igloo, it’s a durable piece of clothing that keeps you warm. Most brands and stores are creating puffer coats that are featured in metallic colors, some have trains now, and others are just bigger and warmer.

According to recent fashion runways, the ski jackets, and ski suits are coming back. To the older generations of the American populations, these items are supposed to be used strictly for skiing. To college kids who can find skiing attire in a thrift store, it’s a look.

For the women (and men) out there, one of the biggest trends is the pajama top dressed up. According to A Love is Blind, the trend is simply apparent laziness, but if the look is accessorized the right way, then there’s a sense of chic laziness.

Now, although most of these trends aren’t being worn around the VSU campus, they’re still important to discuss. Here are some of the VSU trends spotted around campus.

UGGS. Of course UGGS, are they just ugly, or are they stylish and warm? The shoes are warm and who hasn’t owned a pair before? Whether it’s guys or girls, these shoes have seen a lot of attention on the VSU campus.

Dad hats. Most students just refer to the hat as a hat, not a specific type. As of late, these hats have different colloquialisms and sayings that resonate with the current generation of shoppers.

Oversized shirts and sweatshirts are all the rave on the VSU campus. This is a trend that will most likely never go out of style, along with leggings, and joggers.

Bomber jackets. They’re back and with a trendy vengeance. I’ve seen some of these looks on campus, but not quite as frequently because of the alternating weather patterns.

These are just some of the trends that I’ve seen on campus. Have you spotted any?

Story by Jacorey Moon, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of IEMILLER.Net.

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