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The Pier plans to stay this time around

The Pier, formerly known as Flip Flops, has reopened in Remerton and has announced big plans for the bar in order to keep it open this time around.

“The owner and management have years of experience, a real passion and a hands-on approach to see it succeed,” Cale Waley, the general manager, said.

The bar opened on March 22 to the public, followed by the announcement of Jersey Fridays return and deals if you pay cover. The Pier is opened on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for now until they get back on their feet.

On Monday, April 23, Waley discussed The Piers future plans, why it went under the first go round and what is different now. He explained how Flip Flops was one of the major party spots in Remerton for college students and how they want to get back on top.

Flip Flops all started with a guy named Ace Amerson and his group of friends at Georgia Southern University. They started an after-hours bring your own beer venue, and shortly after, it gained popularity.

Amerson was then accepted to be on MTV’s “The Real World.” When his season ended, he and his friends decided to go into the bar business. Amerson decided to name the bar Flip Flops because he always wore flip-flops, according to Waley.

The Pier has a more updated classy beach look and a brand new sound system. Its staff and venue is further equipped to give customers a more fun and lasting experience. There is a completely new owner and different management tactics, according to Waley.

“The bar went under previously because one of the owners started using shady business tactics, and slowly started stealing money while forcing customers to go to another bar where he was the majority owner,” Waley said.

Flip Flop’s original customers are excited to have their favorite bar back even though it has a new name.

“I have been to The Pier since it reopened,” Logan Cole, a communications major, said. “Flops was my stomping grounds my freshman year of college, and everyone loved it there. It has a great atmosphere, loud music, friends and a wild time. Overall, it has a great reputation, and so far, it is living up to the hype it used to have.”

Cole also went on to explain how she cried a little bit when she heard the news of them closing down. She felt like something was missing from Remerton, but now that it is back, it is just what VSU needed to get the college town feel.

“I have been to The Pier at least three times a week since it reopened,” Mackenzie Shea, a current VSU student, said. “On opening night, I was the first one in and the last one out.”

Shea explained how The Pier is known for being THE bar in town.

“I wouldn’t be caught going to Bluewater on a Thursday night now that The Pier has reopened,” Shea said. “Everything there is just better.”

Story by Alexa Gennusa, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of The Pier.

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