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VSU Implements Mental Minutes

VSU has announced a student service program this semester called Mental Minutes.

The VSU Counseling Center offers the Mental Minutes student service to faculty. Mental Minutes is a 10 minute presentation available upon faculty request during class time.

According to VSU’s website, a member of the VSU Counseling Center staff will provide a brief presentation and give helpful handouts to each student. Mental Minutes is designed for minimal classroom disruption while ensuring that VSU students are equipped in the following areas: time management, study skills, test anxiety, stress management, how to help a friend, healthy relationships and more.

The VSU Counseling Center is very passionate about helping VSU students and are always looking for innovative ways to make that happen. Their primary function is to provide mental health therapy to students confidentially and for free. All of the staff members are licensed mental health professionals.

In addition to counseling, they provide outreach services across campus to ensure they are reaching as many students as possible. Mental Minutes garnered support for its appeal to both faculty and students. Mental minutes goes into the classroom, so they are meeting the students where they are with no more than a 10 minute interruption to the professor’s lecture. In just 10 minutes, they can give students helpful information on topics like test anxiety, stress management and other services to help them find more success in both their classes and their personal lives.

There were several professors who utilized Mental Minutes last year for their classrooms, and they have already had more requests for upcoming dates this fall. Any interested professors can request a Mental Minutes presentation through the website.

Written by Savannah Oliver, Campus Life Editor. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay. 

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