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Event Services unveils new reservation system

Valdosta State University hosts a number of clubs and organizations that, every day, plan new gatherings and host events that liven up the day to day grind of college life.

Whether it be a movie night on the front lawn of VSU or a costume party in the halls of the university center, VSU opens the doors of its buildings to the wants and needs of its community.

One of the means for securing buildings to those ends is the Event Management System. Recently, it’s undergone some change.

The Event Management System (EMS) is a system that allows for students to reserve various unclaimed rooms on campus for special events, meetings, and fundraisers. This allows the VSU Community to make the most out of every square inch of their home.

The old EMS system made the planning of every event a chore for the clubs and organizations of VSU, but on Sept. 17, the new system was implemented. It incorporates a much simpler and more understandable process for unfamiliar people to use.

All the planning for your next event only requires for you to go to the Event Services webpage for VSU and clicking on the “Make a Request” button. From there, after logging in with their active directory (a lasting relic from the old process), you’ll see a host of various templates to choose from for your planning needs.

For those with questions about the process, you can find more instruction on the Event Services webpage by clicking the “How to Use EMS” Button. There are other ways to minimize confusion.

“We advise organizations to be as descriptive as possible when filling out the event request,” Event Reservation Coordinate Sydney K. Land said. “Once they submit their request, the respective reservations office will take over and process their request.”

VSU’s Event Services Department has gone to great lengths in trying to put the agency of planning in the hands of the students, giving them the power to gather where they wish to and do what they wish to do.

Written by Payton Fletcher, Staff Writer.

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