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Blazers S.A.V.E. the environment

Environmental activism seemingly becomes more prevalent with each passing week, but one re-established student organization is helping S.A.V.E. the day.

Students Against Violating the Environment hopes to inspire students to be more environmentally conscious.

Mercedes Myles, the organization’s president, said the group wants to set the example with the students, for the students, through its environmental protection efforts.

Despite a six-year dormancy period, S.A.V.E. has been promoting environmental protection across campus since Myles helped bring the organization back from its hiatus a little over a year ago, after a rise in pollution and environmental damage reports practically forced her to.

“After being educated in horrors that are taking place, I wanted to do all that I could to help,” Myles said. “We are to the point that if we don’t start doing something soon, it will be too late to reverse the negative effects.”

S.A.V.E. plans to help the environment through events, such as a regular “design your own reusable bag” event, which aims to cut down on the use of plastics and encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

While S.A.V.E. organizes fun activities to raise awareness among students, its dedication goes beyond that.

S.A.V.E. also hosts events that cut down on pollution. A beach trip, which takes members every semester, aims to clean up the beach and pick up any waste beach-goers leave behind.

Additionally, the group is planning similar events for Earth Week, during April 22-26, as well as a grand scheme to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

The “Swap Meet,” one of Earth Week’s planned events, encourages students to buy, trade, sell and donate their old clothes to prevent people from throwing them away.

S.A.V.E. wants to ensure that non-members are taking steps to protect the Earth and become more environmentally friendly.

“The environment affects everybody, regardless of race, class or gender,” Myles said. “The Earth gives us everything we could possibly need, and without [it], humans cannot exist.”

For humans to survive, the environment must thrive.

Contact President Mercedes Myles at mqmyles@valdosta.edu to start saving

Written Maria Sellers, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

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