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People Poll: What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

Angel Austin, junior international business major

“I like the Strawberry Acai with apple juice instead of water and three cups of strawberries,” Austin said. “Apple juice makes the drink sweeter, also light ice so that they don’t rip you off from the drink.”


Randy Spires, sophomore mathematics major

“I usually go and get their peppermint mocha frappe. It’s coffee and peppermint in one and I like both,” Spires said. “Whenever Christmas time comes around and the peppermint cream starts coming out, I go and buy a bottle of that.”


Jessie, sophomore health science major

 “I like the caramel Frappe. I don’t like coffee and it doesn’t really taste like coffee,” she said.


Omar Coleman, sophmore finance major

“Caramel Frappachino is my favorite drink because I like caramel,” Coleman said. “The drink is sweet and it doesn’t taste like coffee. I also like to add whipped cream on top of it.”

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