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The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine students of South Georgia visited VSU to share tips about transitioning to medical school.

VSU medical students prepare for medical school

Transitioning to medical school can be a big change for anyone going into the medical field.

held an open presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 2. Special guest speakers Paven Patel, Matthew Powell and Griffin Clyatt, medical students from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – , spoke about their experiences so far in medical school. They also shared tips to help transition into life as a medical student from undergraduate student.

In undergraduate school, it’s important to take classes that are relevant to medical school like biology, organic chemistry, anatomy and other specific courses.

Everyone, no matter their degree or background, will have the same opportunity and chance of getting into medical school.

Powell received a history degree from VSU before deciding to go to Osteopathic school. He said to make sure that you take the required science courses before applying for medical school. It’s never too late to go to medical school.

When in medical school, it is expected that more time will be spent studying out of class. The Philadelphia College students all said they studied about 12 hours a day, including studying between classes.

“Medical school can be overwhelming, but if a good work ethic can be built early on, it will pay off,” said Clyatt.

Days begin early. classes start at 8 a.m. and can end as late as 4 p.m. The students also recommend designating one day of rest from studying. Self-care is important as well as getting enough sleep.

“Medical school isn’t hard, it’s just the amount of information that comes at you is a lot,” Powell said. “Some concepts are easy and sometimes your friend next to you understands something while you don’t.”

Krupesh Patel, treasurer of Tri-Beta and a senior at VSU, said that this presentation gave him a lot more of confidence and reassurance about going to medical school.

“I do feel more confident about going to med school now than I did before their presentation,” Krupesh Patel said.

It is possible for any student can go into medical school no matter what your degree is. Expect to be spending a lot more time studying and timing everything out in your day. It might be difficult to master at first but once you find your routine it will get easier.

Written by Isabella Schneider, Staff Writer. Photos Courtesy of Isabella Schneider. 

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