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When he's not in class, you can find Brian Bogues, aka DJ Slim B, DJing at local events. Photo Courtesy, Kriston Kincaid.

VSU student makes transitions from student to student DJ

From Atlanta to Valdosta, Brian Bogues, Known professionally as DJ Slim B, has made a splash with not only Valdosta State students, but surrounding universities through his DJing career.

Bogues’ journey with Valdosta State began in the fall of 2016. The Atlanta native decided on VSU because of the closer proximity to everything in the city of Valdosta.

“Being from the city I’m used to a lot of people and everything being far away from each other. Down the street here [Valdosta] means 2 minutes, versus in Atlanta where down the street is 15 minutes, with no traffic,” said Bogues.

Before attending VSU, Bogues’ DJ’ed for himself for about a year starting in Feb. 2015. After deciding to take his career public, Bogues became DJ Slim B in honor of his late grandfather, who was nicknamed “Slim,” the decision to add a “B” was simply for the ring of it.

DJ Slim B makes a name for himself on the local music scene.

During his debut in his first semester at VSU in the fall of 2016, Bogues utilized social media as a way to reach more clients. With the support of the Valdosta State community, Bogues has been able to stretch himself farther than just the students.

“I post highlights from events which reach other schools that lead to more bookings and more event coordinators across the state and parts of Florida,” said Bogues.

Even with his outside success, Bogues continues to stay loyal to the blazers as he creates what he thinks students will find useful.

“I’m currently working on creating a playlist on SoundCloud for students to listen to for upcoming finals week as they study,” said Bogues.

Creating relationships in his career became a very important part of Bogues growth in becoming a DJ, not only with his Phi Beta Sigma fraternity brothers, but even with rival DJ’s. Attributing some of his drive to VSU alumni Sequan Brown (DJ Supreme X) and senior Khalian Brawner (DJ Ocho), Bogues continues his success in DJing because of the motivation he’s gained from friends that have turned into family.

“A rival and also a brother [Brawner], he’s pushed me past my limits and continues to motivate me in many ways,” said Bogues.

Bouges, has grown accustom to performing to large audiences given his success at VSU.

 As his success in DJing continues to     increase, his ideals have stayed the   same. “Handle your business” is   something he continues to live by as     his career flourishes through   Valdosta and surrounding cities.

“A saying I received from my father, which means no matter how things are going in your personal life, business and other priorities come first above all else,” said Bogues.

In handling his business, Bogues plans on DJing at an event at Columbus State University on Nov. 14. For business inquires email Bogues at djslimb03@gmail.com.

Written by Kaitlyn Baich, Engagement Editor. Photos courtesy of Kriston Kincaid.

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