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Editorial: Getting VSU more involved

Campus involvement on Valdosta State’s campus has been on a downwards slope lately. Events have low attendance. People are reluctant to socialize with others. It’s now simply a tough crowd to impress at VSU in 2019.

For a school that pitches how active the campus is by bringing prospective students to the university on its busiest days, this does not serve as the reality once they officially become a Blazer. Once school begins in August, event attendance is high as familiar faces are reunited and new bonds are formed for the newest Blazers.

So, what is the problem? Who is to blame?

Do you blame the university, campus organizations, or the students?

Beginning with the university, there is a lack of support throughout the hierarchy of the administration. University officials don’t show face at the little events that will create a positive and relatable personality. On several occasions, there have been event that have been hyped to be a big deal but flops due to low attendance and lack of support by administrations. This would simply show the students that the university cares and they were brought here not only to be used as a statistic, but to create bonds with the people who gave them the nod to be a student here.

Next, campus organizations.

Cultural organizations seem to shy away from intertwining with each other. For a university that promotes diversity and inclusion, this could fall right into that narrative. Having diverse events will create a comfortable environment that will cause students to realize that they relate with those from all walks of life and that they all chose VSU with the same end goal – obtaining a degree.

But the students must make an effort, too.

During VSU football’s historic run to the national championship in 2018, there was a glaring problem. The bleachers were empty every Saturday despite the Blazers winning in exciting and convincing fashion. But it took to nearly the end of the season for the students to take note and start attending the games to support their beloved Blazers.

See what a little bit of support can do? Every Saturday the bleachers are jammed packed with red and black and the school has gone to the heights of getting a live DJ to play music throughout the game.

Altogether, we all must work together.

The administration must support their students.

Students of different ethnic groups must work together.

And students also should make a push to be present to support everyone if time consents.

This is a call for everyone at the university to be a better Blazer in every way possible; through academics, friendliness, and fandom in order to keep the “You” in VSYOU.

This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator staff. 

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