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Black History Month: the littest month of the year.

National *insert here* day: Feel-good February edition

Have you ever noticed that every month has one of those national *whatever* days that are funny, weird or downright bizarre? This column is dedicated to spotlighting those “holidays” and show there’s more to the year than just July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With these lists, we’ll keep you celebrating the holiday spirit all year long! Here’s what’s going on in February:

Feb. 1: National Freedom Day: This is fitting given Feb.’s designation as black history month. It’s also the start of black twitter wildin’  out in celebration of this holiday. Log on and enjoy the memes and clap backs. You won’t regret it.

Will you guys miss Tom Brady? Doubt it.

Feb. 2: Superbowl LIV. This time it will be the San Francisco 49’ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. So Go to Publix, get a couple boxes of chicken wings, get a few friends and throw a Superbowl party . If you’re not the biggest fan of the teams, just be grateful we’re not treated to another three-hour New England Patriot’s showboating fest. #saintsgotrobbed #neverforget.

Feb. 6: National Frozen Yogurt Day: Head on over to The Mix on Baytree or Menchie’s at the mall, tell them about this holiday and demand a free treat (or at least, a discount).

Feb. 10: National Clean Out Your Computer Day: Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You should just make sure your computer system is cleaned out, so it won’t crash. This phenomenon always seems to happen during midterms and finals week. Remember folks, an ounce of prevention makes a pound of cure.

Love: it’s only cute when you’re the one experiencing it.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day: Go out on a dinner date. Get your girls flowers and teddy bears. Treat yourself to some candy. See the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Pick your poison.

Feb. 15: Singles Awareness Day: This is proving to be an actual epidemic among college students. While everyone else was all boo’d up the day before, your single self probably scrolled through your Instagram feed eating your heart out. It’s okay. Who needs love when there’s discounted chocolate?

Feb. 17: National Random Act of Kindness Day: Whether it’s to yourself, your friend or some random stranger, remember to be kind. The fact that this is an actual day speaks volumes.

Feb. 20: National Love Your Pet Day: Pet lovers, do your thing. Also, please get on your Instagram and post your loveliest dog pictures. We won’t mind.

Fitting holiday song? “Cheers (Drinks to That)” by Rihanna.

Feb. 22: National Margarita Day: Ah February: it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Be sure to head over to Flip Flops, Mulligan’s or The Station and partake in the celebrations. May your cup runneth over.

Feb. 28: National Public Sleeping Day: Go out to the Student Union or those comfortable study benches in Odum Library and sleep to your heart’s content during the day. It’s not like you already do that, right?

Feb. 29: “We’re happy that black history month gets an extra day this year”  Day. However, it’s still the shortest month of the year. Go figure. If you’re still on black twitter by this time (Who are we kidding? You definitely are), enjoy the final hurrah.

Written by Malia Thomas, Entertainment Editor. Photos courtesy of Pxfuel, pixabay, and pxhere and Ellsworth Military Base.

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