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It’s important to stay active and stay healthy during a pandemic.

How to stay active during a pandemic

Although the coronavirus is hindering everyone’s daily lives, that doesn’t mean that your summer body needs to be punished as well. You can still take care of yourself while in isolation.There are many different options as to how you can get a full workout going.

You can add a simple workout during your quarantine schedule, such as doing squats while binging Tiger King on Netflix or while waiting for your laundry to finish dry, you can do a few laps running up and down the stairs.

People have also gotten creative by using household items as equipment. Not everyone has weights laying around in their homes. Instead you can use a case of water or a full laundry basket.

If you don’t want to do it alone, you can invite your family to be your workout buddy or video chat your friends and work out together.

VSU’s recreation center may be closed, but their YouTube channel has been active.. The Campus Recreation Center has tons of different at-home workouts that are easy to follow already uploaded onto their channel.

VSU’s Campus Wellness is also offering fitness classes through live stream. There is body conditioning every Thursday and yoga on Mondays from 6 to 7 pm. To be able to participate in these activities you can register on VSU’s training portal.

One of the easiest things you can do is to just get active, no matter what that may mean to you. Even getting up and dancing around the house can be a part of your workout. Just keep your heart rate up, blood flowing and stay home.


Written by Jasmin Small, staff writer. 

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