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Cassie Katen is a sophomore history and secondary education major.

Get to know the SGA presidential candidate: Cassie Katen

SGA presidential candidate, Cassie Katen adapts Valdosta’s slogan “a city without limits” to steer VSU into advancing its campus “Without Limits.”

Katen is in her sophomore year, majoring in history and secondary education. She believes that she is ‘the perfect candidate for president because of my drive.”

“I am driven to not only better myself but to better everyone and everything around me,” Katen said. “One thing that I have been incredibly passionate about since I began college is the Student Government Association. I believe that the work we do here is vital to the betterment of the university and our efforts will extend far past the short four years we attend this university.”

In order to advance VSU’s campus “Without Limits,” her plan is to ensure that every student can maximize the success and opportunities available to them.

She plans to address and correct any barriers that students may face while trying to accomplish their goals.

“If one student is not attaining their full potential then we are all failing,” Katen said. “VSU should be a place that knows no limitations to the quality of education someone can get at a collegiate level. The barriers that students may currently face must be addressed and corrected so that they may accomplish the things they are working so hard to achieve. VSU is filled with a vast array of races, religions, sexualities, and cultures but we must come together and succeed Without Limits.”

One of the larger limitations that Katen plans to focus on are accessible student resources.

While VSU’s student resources vary between the Odum Library, Academic support center, and the SGA, Katen says that these resources are not getting the students’ attention.

“These resources are here to make sure students are taken care of and their needs are met but unfortunately very few students know and utilize these resources,” Katen said. “In hopes to eliminate this limitation, we plan to put in place a position in SGA distinctly designated to communicate with the student body. Whether that’s things we are working on within the senate, other things that different organizations are taking part in, or the resources provided through the university.”

Katen said she realized that students were limited when she truly listened to the concerns they have.

“All of the problems that were being overlooked because not everyone faced them,” Katen said. “It’s heart breaking.”

Written by Kayla Pool, Asst. News Editor. Submitted Photo by Cassie Katen.

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