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People Poll: What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching. Not everyone loves the holiday, but those who do typically have similar reasons behind their love.

Kaleb Woodruff, freshman business economic major 

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with family and eating. I like bonding with my family.”

Margaret Bingham, sophomore undecided major

“It’s between eating and spending time with family. There is so much really good food since people put in extra effort and I like to eat. I like being with family, especially being away at college. It is nice to get to see them.”









Victoria Adeyemo, freshman undecided major

“My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the food. A lot of the food we cook is traditional. They are recipes that have been passed down. It makes them special.”









Nathan Hughes, sophomore criminal justice major

“My favorite part is seeing family. I do not get to see them until Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is either that or the turkey.”

Story and Photos by Gwen Friedman, Staff Writer.

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