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Graphic by Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

People Poll: How do you feel about the first Wellness Day?

Benjamin Woods, junior, mass media major

“The first wellness day was beneficial to me. It’s no spring break, but at this point of the semester, any break is a good break.”

Zyaria Wright, freshman, psychology major

“I think it was a feeble attempt at a break. I understand their attempts to decrease the chances of students getting and spreading COVID, but this may not have been the best way to do it.”

Rachel Vuong, senior, theatre performance major

“I enjoyed the wellness day because it was a day off that I did need, but I don’t think it was necessarily helpful or meaningful in the long run.”

Chrisnick Vesseau, senior, health sciences major

“It was very random. We need spring break. Random days out of the week is pointless, really, because it doesn’t even give some people time off because they might not have classes on that day anyways.”

Written by Madison Gruber, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Madison Gruber.

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