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Advisors’ recommendations for smooth registration

With fall registration beginning on March 29, VSU advisors have recommendations for students to consider in order to secure a spot in the classes that they need or want.

VSU’s senior advisors recommend students reach out to their advisors prior to registration to ensure they are taking classes in the appropriate order. If students do not follow prerequisite structures, it may lead to challenges down the road.

“The most important thing is to be prepared,” Stanley Jones, overall unit administrator for the registrar, said. “Get advised and make sure advising flag has been lifted by advisor.”

Jones also recommends making sure there are no holds or fines on students’ accounts at least 48 hours prior to registration.

A helpful tool for students to make registration easier is paying attention to the notes given in Visual Schedule Builder. Here, students can determine whether certain classes are open to everyone, or just certain majors.

The senior advisors also recommend for students to consider fuller schedules, which results in a higher GPA and a quicker pathway to graduation. This means 14-16 credits per semester.

Some past concerns on registration include students waiting too long to register for classes. Advisors say students need to register as soon as their registration window opens.

Students should also double check the start dates for classes to ensure they attend class at the correct time.

The senior advisors also recommend for students to create more than one favorite schedule, if possible, in Visual Schedule Builder. This is located under the “View All” tab in BlazeView.

“Registration can be super easy if you’re prepared,” Madison Krissell, a senior criminal justice major, said. “Make sure to reach out to your advisor well before its time to register for your next classes. Your advisor will help you plan out all the classes that are your next steps in your plan to get that degree.”

If students do not get into the class they need due to lack of room in the course, it is recommended that they still put themselves on the waitlist.

“I also made myself have a deadline to switch into another class if I don’t make that one, so I wouldn’t fall behind,” Krissell said. “But in the end, I got the classes I wanted.”

Registration for fall 2021 begins on March 29 for seniors. Juniors will be able to register on March 30, sophomores on March 31, and freshmen on April 1.

Written by Katie Rutherford, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Bailey Storey.

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