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Editorial: Students, education is not a race

You may recall the child hood story called The Tortoise and The Hare which taught us all that slow and steady wins the race.

Similar to the memorable fable, we need to think of college in that aspect.

That is, there is no such thing as graduating on time.

Some students are under the pre-consumed notion that graduating later than expected tarnishes their reputation and scars them for life.


Yes, the average expectancy time to graduate college is four years but some students require more time to acquire the degree they entered college to gain.

Having to retake a course, changing majors or taking the wrong college courses are just some of the reasons students may graduate at a different time.

When these situations occur, students shouldn’t panic and be less confident about their education.

Nonetheless, some students stress themselves out by trying to take multiple required classes during the summer, which is supposed to be time to relax.

Education takes time and that’s okay. It’s unhealthy to stress about something that is supposed to benefit us.

After all, what awaits all of us after graduating college is the daunting reality of adulting and tough decisions we have to make in order to continue life.

Graduation is something everyone looks forward to, but ask yourself if you’re really ready for a life after college.

Do you have your intended career secured? If you’re going to grad school, have you started applying? Have you gotten all that you needed out of your undergraduate college career?

Life is scary but being unprepared for it is even scarier.

Instead of dwelling over lost time use it to your advantage. Build your resume by gaining more internships.

Students should also take advantage of Career Opportunities to learn interview skills, and learn about helpful resources.

There are a lot of different opportunities for students to take advantage of. All they have to do is dedicate time to looking for them.

Much like the Hare and the Tortoise, we should take after some of their personality traits which is confidence and patience to help get us through our time in college.

Our education deserves all of our commitment no matter the time it takes to gain it.

This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator staff.

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