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VSU Counseling Center offers free services

One of the biggest struggles in college can be a student’s mental health––both the positive and negative.

VSU offers several resources to help students who may be struggling with their mental health throughout the semester.

The counseling center at VSU offers free and confidential counseling services to students who may need someone to talk to. Their website also lists services that they offer along with links for self-directed care and national support resources.

Jon Parris, associate director for the counseling center, said mental health is a part of a student’s health.

“Taking care of our emotional and mental wellbeing is a normal aspect of self-care, like exercising, eating health or having a yearly medical exam,” Parris said.

Some upcoming events include Send Silence Packing taking place on Tuesday Oct. 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Palms Quad and the annual De-Stress Fest taking place on Nov. 17 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Send Silence Packing is a new exhibit being put on at VSU. It showcases personal stories from individuals who have lost a loved one due to suicide, and it is designed to raise awareness about the impact of suicide.

The overall goal of the exhibit is to end the silence that surrounds mental health and suicide while connecting with a community who has gone through the same traumas.

The De-Stress Fest is an event that is put on every semester at VSU around finals. It helps students decompress, so they can focus on studying for exams with a clear mind.

It includes strategies for self-care and a student’s well-being, while giving them the time to relax before they deep dive into their finals. Relaxing is a common way to cope with stress.

“I try my best to cope by taking time to myself to relax and reflect, but that is not always possible considering the workload of classes,” Marybell Caldwell, a junior interior design major, said.

Written by Sam Acevedo, Staff Reporter. Photos courtesy of Bailey Storey.

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