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Photos: Why should you attend VSU? A Spectator reporter’s virtual tour

This is West Hall.

This building is home to trophies, the most beautiful ceiling display and the English Department.

If you would like to enter the English program, you will be spending much of your time in this beautiful location.

Inside West Hall, you will find students studying on the many cushioned benches and classrooms. It is directly behind the famous fountain on the Quad.

This location is beyond peaceful, beautiful, and a wonderful place to take a time out and get some of your work done outside of your dorm room or living room.


This is the Front Lawn.

It is where many events on campus are held, including the annual Happenning, the De-Stress events, clubs and yoga take place here, and each are free for the attending students to attend.

All kinds of people gather for these, and it is a wonderful way to meet new people.

It is also a nice place to study and hang out with family and friends when the weather is nice.

This is the inside hall of West Hall.

The ceiling is decorated with red ribbons standing for each of the departments at VSU.

In this building, there two meeting rooms on the bottom floor where you can watch various people come in and out of.

With reflective marble floors, and a significant emblem roped off in the middle of the building, students spend a lot of their time here and on the Front Lawn.

This is “Fenris”, an art instillation made of steel in front of Odum Library by Charles Hook.

This library is one of the most impressive and a staple of the campus, since it is right next to the Student Union and a place where most students will be spending their time.

Studying, attending meetings, taking time to yourself, Odum has it all.

With so many activities inside of Odum, many find it difficult to leave. With such an attractive atmosphere for studying and learning, you will find yourself coming in and out of Odum constantly.

This is the Student Union.

With a massive selection of activities, many students spend their evening free time in this place.

With a Starbucks, Chick-fi-la, and Which Which, food is a big attractor to the Student Union.

With tall windows on every side, natural light shines in on everyone eating dinner, while just below the eating area, events are going on in the ballrooms.

Fashion shows on the steps, self defense classes and all kinds of other demonstrations for the student body, this place is always high energy and welcoming to all who come!

Written by Amanda Russell, staff reporter. Photos courtesy of Amanda Russell.

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