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Photos: Student Union offers many services for campus

The Student Union is a place on campus with almost everything.

Need to study? Need to eat? Need to game? Need to just hang out with friends? Need to shop? All of this can be done at the Student Union.

Abby Breedlove, an elementary education major, said, “I come here between my classes to study or hang out with friends, and just chill.”

Kori Hughes, a nursing student, said that she mainly goes to the Union to study and hang out with friends.


The Valdosta Bookstore offers all of your needs, including textbooks, pencils, technology, medications, hygiene products, clothing and VSU apparel.

On the second floor are three restaurants for you: Which Which, Moes, Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A.


Also found on this floor is the Union Rotunda. It provides a great place to be away from everything but still know what’s goes on.

A little past Starbucks is a nice secluded hangout/study area. There are multiple lounge chairs and table tops in this area, as well as the Career Opportunities offices.

If you don’t like the above option, just move up! The third floor has a nice quiet space above everything.

The Union ballrooms can be found on this floor, as well. When not hosting events, this hallway outside of them is calm and quiet.

In this hall, you can study with a view. This is also an excellent place to hang out and watch the sunset.

The Student Union provides multiple services for the campus community, and is one of the most popular places on campus.

Written by Evie Webb, staff reporter. Photos courtesy of Evie Webb.

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