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The VSU Counseling Center, located on the second floor of the Health Center, features various resources for helping students cope with stress.

Counseling Center offers a support group for mothers

Munchkins and Mothers is a support group available for mothers that need a little extra help and feel alone.

Moms are great. Apart from raising their kids from the time they are born, most moms are their children’s hype woman. Many put their lives on hold to give their children all the love and care that they need without any hesitation.

Even though mothers are wonderful people that impact our lives on a day-to-day basis, many of them are overlooked. Sometimes their families don’t appreciate them or help them out as much as they should.

Mothers are expected to drop everything in order to stay home with their children to take care of them.

As nice as that may sound, stay-at-home moms have a million house jobs to keep their families and homes functioning, and they don’t get much personal time or help.

A lot of moms can’t stay home with their kids as it is.  Lots of moms are single moms, the sole provider of the house, and are expected to do everything that comes with a house, and adulting in general.

Some moms aren’t able to have a luxurious job that always pays the bills in full because they had to stop school and don’t have the credentials.

Being a mom can get dark fast. Not to mention that Postpartum Depression is a real thing, and it affects new mothers daily.

Abria Bonner, a licensed clinical social worker and VSU staff counselor, came up with the idea to create a support group for these mothers after paying attention to her students.

Last semester she noticed that she had several students who all shared a similar issue.

“I would see the same client where they were the mother of a young child or children, and they needed support that they didn’t have outside of me.”

These mothers didn’t have the right support system and found it hard to connect with new people. These mothers felt alone.

Realizing that some of these students needed help that they weren’t receiving from their families or friends, Bonner started up “Munchkins and Mothers.”

Mothers that are feeling anxious or even experiencing Postpartum Depression or inclined to join and connect with other mothers who feel the same way that they do.

“You are not alone,” Bonner said. “I am willing to bet my last dollar that you’ll find someone whom you can connect with. We offer a safe space with open arms.”

Meetings for Munchkins and Mothers are bi-weekly on Wednesdays and start at 4 p.m. in the Student Health Center on the second floor.

Contact Ms. Bonner with any questions regarding more support groups that VSU offers.

Written by Baylee Davis, Staff Reporter. Photo Courtesy of The Spectator.

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