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Editorial: VSU’s changes amongst this Homecoming season

Welcome back to another VSU Homecoming, where current students and alumni get together to celebrate the place where we all receive (or have received) our education. We are still the same VSU but with a few new changes. 

Because of the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic, VSU enrollments numbers have decreased, causing administration to make changes to the way we know it in order to help build the future of our university.  

The plan of attack revolves around three groups: traditional students, online students, and graduate students.  

The VSU website has recently undergone a redesign, with the homepage promoting the slogan “One university, three opportunities,” with options for additional information for each of the three groups.  

Traditional students are the heart of the campus, so it is important to increase satisfaction with campus life and market satisfaction with potential future students.  

VSU president Richard Carvajal has discussed expanding the online school for students who unfortunately cannot be with us on campus.  

This may mean taking some of the focus away from traditional on-campus students.  

While growing the presence of online students is a great idea, we should not forget the students who are here on campus. Bettering the on-campus experience is sure to bring in more students as well.  

This could mean making sure to work hard on meeting the goals expressed in the VSU Strategic Plan 2027.  

Expanding the graduate program is another part of the plan to increase student enrollment.  

VSU has a variety of unique graduate programs, some of which are only offered at our very institution.  

Not only has VSU been making changes, but Valdosta has made a very significant change as well that could affect students and downtown life in Valdosta.  

Recently, Valdosta’s City Council amended its alcohol ordinance in order to allow non-restaurant establishments to serve “beer only.”  

This was done in order to attract businesses and people to the downtown area and make a special part of Valdosta more social.  

Hopefully, these establishments will take advantage of this freedom in order to attract more VSU students and make the community of Valdosta look more attractive to future students.  

We also have a new football coach by the name of Tremaine Jackson, who has had a rocky start to the season.  

Despite the slow start, we should continue to support him and give him a chance to prove that he is worthy of the position bestowed upon him.  

Let’s continue to motivate Coach Jackson and our Blazers as we go into our Homecoming game this weekend!  

 This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator.

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