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PEOPLE POLL: What are VSU students doing for Halloween?

Hailey Ackerman, a freshman criminal justice major, said,

“I’m going to be a firefighter.” (She added that she was going to a party in her DIY costume.)

Christina Rutherford, a sophomore psychology major, said,

“I’m going to be a slutty Ghostface. I’m using what I have in my closet.”

Ralph Avery, a sophomore astronomy major, said,

“I’m probably going to go to the astronomy party on the rooftop of Nevins.” (He said that he might wear his galaxy suit.)

Telly Williams, a freshman engineering major, said,

“I’m just chilling with friends.”

Dasia Dent, a freshman sociology major, said,

“I’m going to a party Saturday. I have classes all day Monday. I was gonna do like Kim Possible.”

Janyah Weston, a freshman undecided, said,

“I’m going home. I’m going to be with my boyfriend.”

Riley Davis, senior fine arts major, said,

“It’s on a Monday so probably working. But on Sunday my boyfriend and I are going to watch horror movies, probably “The Conjuring” and “Insidious,” in spooky pajamas.”

Written by Angel Davis, Copy Editor, and Cara-Kay Mattis, Newsletter Editor. Photos by Cara-Kay Mattis.

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